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Wedding Planner

Welcome to my sunny world, where the Nouvelle-Aquitaine region is my preferred creative canvas!

I'm Émilie Chacon, a passionate Wedding Planner, a lover of glitter and an Expresso Martini aficionado. Born and raised in this magnificent region, from the Gironde to the golden expanses of the Landes and the enchanting landscapes of the Basque Country, I grew up in settings that evoke enchanted memories.


In Nouvelle-Aquitaine, I'm here to make your dreams come true, to make your wedding a dazzling, emotionally-charged event. My commitment is to create a sparkling, unforgettable day, imbued with the warmth and magic so characteristic of our beautiful region.

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Our passion & our goals

"When I discovered the incredible universe Aurore was able to create for her wedding (see our photo gallery), I knew right away that she would be Sun Day's Wedding Designer and not someone else!" - Émilie 

Our shared passion for decoration, detail and creating magical atmospheres has led us to deliver weddings of incomparable brilliance. We're committed to creating one-of-a-kind events, where every venue becomes the stage for your fondest memories.


Choosing Sun Day means choosing an attentive, creative and personalized collaboration to make your wedding an exceptional moment. Let our passion and expertise guide you as you create magical memories that will stay with you forever.

Wedding Designer

I'm Aurore, a lifelong art enthusiast with a background in art history and over 10 years' experience in animation. I'm joining forces with Émilie to put my know-how and passion at your disposal. Together, we propose a unique partnership to orchestrate the decoration of your wedding and other events.


Throughout my career, I've organized a wide range of events featuring decor and atmosphere. Thanks to this experience, I'm in a position to understand your expectations and accompany you in the precise management of your wedding decoration. My commitment is to use my expertise to offer you original and innovative decorating ideas, while respecting the harmony of your theme, to transform your day into a memorable enchantment. My ability to listen and understand your needs will enable me to personalize every detail, creating an atmosphere that reflects you.


Aware of the importance of decoration in a wedding budget, I'm committed to adapting, creating and unearthing decorative elements in a clever way, so that your event is perfect without blowing your budget.

Our mission

At Sun Day, our mission is to turn your dreams into an even more beautiful reality. Want to have a chat?

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