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Customized packages designed especially for you, because every story is different.


A Wedding Planner & Wedding Designer at your service: we'll take care of everything!

Sunrise Serenity

Total planning

🌅 Creating Your Project: An initial meeting to clarify your wishes and design your ideal wedding together, under the light of Sun Day.


💰 Budget management and follow-up: Let's optimize your budget so that every euro counts in the realization of your day.


🌟 Service Provider Selection: Working with trusted service providers to sublimate every detail, from the venue to the music, beauty & more.


🗓️ Monthly tracking and shared planning: Clear, shared organization via dedicated software to ensure that every stage shines and fits together harmoniously.


💐 Wedding Decoration & Design: Let's create a radiant aesthetic, a perfect mirror of your love, under the guidance of our Wedding Designer.


🎉 Customized Entertainment: Tailor-made entertainment to brighten up your day to your heart's content and make your experience unique.


👰 Expert presence on D-Day: Expert management to ensure your day is cloudless, allowing you to savor every moment.


🌠 Ongoing Support / AfterGlow: Support even after the sun has set on your exceptional day.

Starting at 2 900€

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Sunlite Collaboration

Partial planning

Coordination partielle.png

🌟 Partner at Your Side: 'Sunlite Collaboration' embodies a flexible approach where we become your ally to take partial charge of planning, according to your needs.


💼 Teamwork: It's teamwork where we step in wherever you need help: whether it's sourcing providers, managing scheduling details, or coordinating certain key aspects.


🤝 Common Goal: Our goal is to complement your efforts by taking charge of specific aspects, allowing you to focus on the essentials, while working hand in hand to realize your vision of the perfect wedding.


Starting at 2 000€

Sunset Sprint

D-Day coordination

🌅 Anticipation and Preparation: The "Sunset Sprint" package embraces anticipation and meticulous preparation. We schedule a minimum of 2 appointments to discuss your expectations in depth, go over every detail, and work out the perfect timing for your big day.


🗓️ Joint set-up: This is a team effort in which we work together to put in place the ideal timing to ensure that every moment of your special day runs smoothly.


🎩 My Presence, Your Tranquility: My presence (or duo with the Wedding Designer) on D-Day is guaranteed to coordinate every detail, ensure that timing is respected and that everything shines as planned, giving you peace and serenity to fully enjoy every moment of your wedding.

Starting at 1 500€

Coordination jour J.png

Sunbeam Advisory

Consulting / follow-up

Conseil mariage.png

☀️ Personalized advice: "Sunbeam Advisory" offers customized support to answer your questions. Whether you need last-minute advice, updates on your wedding plans or clarification of details, we're here to guide you.


🤝 Collaboration with expertise and advices: This is a collaboration in which we put our expertise at your disposal to offer you sound and enlightened advices, adapted to your particular situation. This involves an initial contact, followed by an appointment to answer all your questions. 


🌟 Enlighten Your Day: Our aim is to bring you peace of mind by shedding light on every question or concern you may have, enabling you to live your sunny day with confidence and serenity."


Sun Day Special

Other requests

☀️ Tailor-made to your image: "Sun Day Special" is a completely personalized package, designed to meet your specific needs. Whether it's for unique requests, special ideas or specific needs outside the traditional framework, we're here to turn your dreams into reality.


🌟 Unlimited Creativity: This is a space where imagination and creativity have no limits. We're ready to explore new ideas, respond to atypical requests and turn your most original wishes into reality to make your day a bespoke event.

Prices on request

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